Tower Communications offers pagers and full POCSAG paging systems. We have an existing paging system that includes coverage in Houston and area.  We can cater to any need required, beit for forest fire watch, hospitals, fire deparpments or any safety commission.

We can rent you a complete system or install and support your own system.  Contact Us for any questions you might have.

This one-way pager offers enhanced features for a convenient and cost-effective way to stay in touch.  The LS355 pager enables users to receive a "call-back" number that can be returned at the user's convenience, making it suitable for businesses who own and operate their own paging system.  The LS355 pager has a one-button design for ease of use and is available in either UHF or VHF models.

This two-tone voice pager records up to 8 minutes of voice message and sports a rugged design.  
The Motorola MINITOR V two-tone voice pager is ideal for fire departments as well as businesses and other organizations that must react quickly in times of emergency.  Its customizable options and dependable reception make it ideal in any rapid-response situation

ADVISOR II displays up to four lines of text with up to eighty characters per line.  The zoom feature allows users to enlarge two lines of text while the large electroluminuscent display delivers optimum readability.  The Personal and Mail Drop Notebooks offer flexibility in storing messages.